Amazing Benefits You Got to Know About Outdoor Exercise

Most of the people think that hitting a gym indoor will give them the best exercise. This may look like true at the time when it is snowing outdoors, or it is stormy, or you have a blistering heat summer going on, but there is evidence that points out that green exercise or exercising outdoors is better for mental and physical well-being.

If you think the idea is new, actually it isn’t. If you read vis medicatrix naturae, it has mentioned that to maintain and restore one’s good health, evolutionary biology and Hippocratic medicine guiding principles.

Humanity controls the movement outdoors intrinsically. If we go to history, we will see that almost 99% time of human history we were living on land and nature is where we sought our basic health and survival. We also will see that we were sought nature for our physical activity and pleasure.

Following are the Benefits of Outdoor Exercises

  • Immune System

Positive association is linked with the green space. So, go outside to train, use outdoor fitness equipment. Your immune system gets a boost in a big way when you are in nature. Your body starts differently when you are in nature, and nature acts as a stimulus naturally to protect your body from diseases. From research, it is known that fresh air, trees, colors, and grass has a positive impact on us. They not only help us physically but also helps us mentally. If you can spend an average of 30 minutes in nature, you will know that you are having a physical activity of increased level, as well as high blood pressure will get cured and depression will be almost gone.

  • Vitamin D

If you need vitamin D, going for workout outdoors is the best way to get them. You can see that people staying outside most of the day, working in the sun are much healthier. The sunlight when touches your skin, your body gets triggered to produce more vitamin D. People living in colder regions will not get an adequate amount of vitamin D in the winter. Deficiency of vitamin D is common these days as people avoid sunlight as much as they can. They are busy working the whole day in their workplace, and when they return home, they use their televisions or the internet. Even children and older adult living in northern hemisphere today are deficient of vitamin D. When someone is deficient of vitamin D, you can have osteoporosis, bone disorder and brittle bones, and the condition is called as rickets. Deficiency of vitamin D also can be linked with autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, depression, heart attack, and even cancer.

  • Burn More Calories

If you so the same exercise indoors and then it outdoors or vice versa, you will find that doing the exercise outdoors gives you a better feeling. You are always going to burn more calories whenever you are exercising outdoors instead of indoors. In a treadmill, you might control the inclination, but when you are doing the same exercise outdoors, your body is adjusting continuously to the uneven terrain and resistance of the wind, as well as your mind is focused on to make your body adjust on those conditions, thus burning more calories.

  • Feel-Good Hormones

Whenever you go outdoors for exercise, you are going to get big smiles. Dopamine is a hormone when released you feel good, and when you exercise outside, you are going to feel more energized, and you will have better enthusiasm, and this is because your body releases more dopamine. In a study at Queensland, Australia, it was found that the people who exercised outside regularly had serotonin at a higher level in their body. Serotonin hormone controls the mood of a person. Also, a higher number of endorphins were found in the person who exercised in green environments.

  • Longer Work Out

Fatigues and boredoms are common signs of working in a gym. Working on the treadmill at the same time every day, watching the same wall and faces of people are going to make you bore. Whereas, when you are exercising outdoors, you will see new faces every day, and something in the weather is also going to change as no two days can be similar. So, you will get better stimulation from your body working outside and so will make you work longer. Also, in gyms, they won’t allow you workout more. Your time is over, means that someone else has to be given the device you are using. In outdoors, well outdoors is for everyone.

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