Can We Get Vitamins from Vaping Too?

The world of wellness tries to explore various new ideas to stay younger and healthy. Right from taking vitamin pills to vaping, they have not left any stone unturned. Most of us know the importance of taking vitamin pills regularly however do we know about the vitamins that we can get with vaping?

Vaping has been here for quite some time and primarily used as an alternative to smoking cigarette. There is also debate whether vaping is really a healthy alternative to smoking. Many people think that it can get rid of many of the harmful effects of smoking tobacco-based cigarettes.  

You can find best vape pen under 50 by doing Google search on the internet. However, here we are going to highlight various pros and cons about vaping vitamins.

Pros of vitamin vaping

  1. Inhaling vitamins will facilitate direct entry of into our bloodstream
  2. Vaping can be a better way to get our daily intake of all the essential vitamins
  3. Vaping can be much less addictive as compared to other alternatives
  4. If you are afraid of needles, then vaping can be more comfortable which is without any painful experience
  5. There are no health risks known with vaping
  6. It is much easier way to get our regular dose of all the essential vitamins
  7. More efficient as compared to taking vitamins by oral method

Now let us see the various cons:

  1. There are no supported health benefits obtained of vaping vitamins
  2. Vaping usually goes directly to our respiratory tract which may be damaging
  3. None of us really know about the chemicals in vaping will do to our body
  4. All vapor ingredients can be much different and also have different effects
  5. B12 cannot be fully broken down with the help of vaping
  6. There is no scientific evidence available to show its various benefits and positive effects.

Most of us know which vitamins we need. In case you want to try out vaping to get vitamin, then you must be knowledgeable about your vitamin needs.

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