Signs That You Are In Menopause

One of the toughest periods in a woman’s life is when she enters menopause. Not only because of the symptoms that she experiences, but also with the emotional burden that she can no longer get pregnant and have children of her own.

Irregular periods

The first sign that menopause is coming, are irregular periods, which are quite easy to notice. Usually menstrual cycles come every month after a certain amount of days, with only a day or two difference between each other, however, once they become irregular, the length between them can be from a week to a couple of months of difference.

Because of these irregular periods, menopause is official only if a woman didn’t have her menstrual cycle for twelve consecutive months. However, as the menstrual cycles become more apart from each other, new symptoms are going to come to display, depending on which hormones the body has stopped producing.

Consult with your doctor upon noticing symptoms

Hot flushes

According to menopause clinic – Australian Menopause Centre and other specialist, one of the most common menopause symptoms are hot flushes. This symptom comes to display in more than seventy percent of women who enter menopause, and it is very troublesome because it is unpredictable.

Women who have hot flushes often get overwhelmed by heat for no reason at all, which causes their body to produce large amounts of sweat. Losing that much liquids can lead to dehydration, which is quite a serious issue, especially in areas that have a hot climate to begin with.

Besides that, hot flushes can display themselves as night sweats, which make women with this symptom lose a lot of sleep. Since sleep is quite important for proper neurological function, there are quite a lot of negative effects of lacking sleep, which is why this symptom is one that must be handled.

Treatment in before menopause

Perimenopause is the time before a woman actually enters menopause, and this stage begins once the irregular periods begin. During this time, it is already possible to get the proper treatment that will prevent menopause symptoms from occurring to begin with.

One of the most effective ways to do this is the perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre, which is supported by experts all around the world. The treatment involves natural hormone replacement therapy, which means that as your body stops producing certain hormones, they are immediately replaced.

You can find valuable information about this treatment if you check out Australian Menopause Centre – Facebook, or if you consult with a specialist at your local clinic or hospital. Discovering new information is always going to be of big help if you are entering menopause, especially if you are already experiencing some symptoms.

Hormone therapy is effective during perimenopause

Final Word

Menopause might be a natural experience for a woman, but it is definitely anything but a fun one. It is highly recommended for all women to seek treatment, as it will change their perspective on life for the better without a doubt.

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